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We focus on three strategic areas: a CMS created for digital media, web content monetization services and the development of editorial intelligence to empower work teams.

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BIFROST is a content management system (CMS) created specifically for the needs of the media industry. This editorial CMS is robust, user-friendly and easy to use to simplify and streamline the creation, editing and publishing of content.

CMS Bifrost - SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

Sites using CMS - BIFROST are technically SEO optimized and comply with Google's Core Web Vitals.

CMS Bifrost - Editorial Tools

Editorial Tools

Trending monitor, content performance reports, editorial SEO ranker and productivity dashboards.

CMS Bifrost - Design and Development

Design and Development

By choosing CMS BIFROST we help you with the design and development of the user experience (UX) and Front End of your site for computers, tablets and mobile phones.

CMS Bifrost - Support and Upgrade

Support and Upgrade

Our CMS receives critical technical support 24/7, as well as updates and evolutionary maintenance to offer a high level of innovation.

Measurable results

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Benefits of using Bifrost

Development speed

Up to 60% reduction in development time through tags-scripts


We speed up the site for faster loading (less than 3 seconds on 3G).

Real-time SEO Assistant

A meter that recommends improved content to increase audience levels

Cost reduction

Saves on infrastructure and data transfer costs (CDN)

Continuous evolution

We release constant updates per year with improvements and new functionalities.

Bifrost - Lighthouse

Measuring results

Lighthouse is a performance management technology developed and used by Google.

Before Bifrost

Average website content score

With Bifrost

Bifrost site score

Programmatic Monetization

We understand the relevance of generating revenue to make your digital media viable, that's why we help you negotiate commercial agreements with direct clients and programmatic agencies and give you technical support to create new advertising spaces and optimize the necessary parameters to improve their performance.

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Technical and Editorial SEO Consulting

Sonnar SEO

Digital skills development for editors and journalists.

Sonnar SEO

Qualitative and quantitative diagnostics of editorial productivity.

Sonnar SEO

Audience, users, traffic sources and content analysis and reporting.

Sonnar SEO

Strategy design to achieve audience goals.

Perfect stack

We offer a complete stack with different technologies such as AMP, Amazon Web Services, Hostgator, Cloudflare, ReactJS.

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